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The damn dogs
Home - finally.  Talked to Mikey and Dani on the phone, took a long, hot shower and now I'm all comfy on my bed, waiting for my computer to install a dozen updates.

I got in a fight with Mike over something so stupid... The dogs. Again. It's rarely really about the dogs but I doubt that he understands that. Today is Sunday - one of the few days he's had lately to relax or hae fun - and he's talking about running all over the place for the dogs. He thinks Brownie needs to go to the park, then he'll drive her home and take Lexi to the rest stop in the OTHER direction because she likes the smells there best. They're bored with the smells in the yard/neighborhood. Say what??

Then, he tells me that Brownie needs more discipline, like I said she did, and that he's working with her on leash. Great. Lexi needs alone time with someone so she'll play. Great. But, I say, what's wrong with taking them all three to the park for their exercise and then taking Lexi and Brownie out into that big-ass back yard to do the individual stuff??

Only some of this is actually about the dogs but our dogs *are* extremely ill-mannered at the moment. They haven't always been this bad but over the past 1-2 years, they've all gotten progressively worse and we've allowed it. They pee and poop on the floor/carpet. They rarely come when called unless they feel like it...and never on the first call. They do not mind Mike at all, regardless of what he says. They jump up without permission.  Shall I go on?

Part of this is my fault although I do tend to be a bit more strict than he is. I'm also a great believer in crates but he won't have any part of that.  I used to let Peanut and Lexi sleep on my bed and then when I got Brownie I tried a crate for a bit but gave up, so there were three dogs in my damn bed. (I was sleeping downstairs at the time)  Now, though, we have FOUR dogs and that is just not going to happen - I'm sorry.  

I want the following, and I don't think the list is unattainable or unreasonable:

  • No jumping onto the furniture without persmission
  • Wait for permission to jump on laps
  • Sleep in a crate, except for Peanut
  • Come when called - every time and without a bunch of hollering, arm waving, clapping, cajoling and threatening. Just come, damnit.
  • In crates when they're alone in the house or unattended for long periods of time. This time can be extended to "indefinitely" if they are reliably housebroken.
Like I said, I don't think that's an unreasonable list but it's going to take a lot of hard work and, above all, diligence on both of our parts. The alternative is not acceptable to me, though... I'm not willing to have my house trashed and stinking all the time. I'm not willing to live in urine and feces. I'm also not willing to give up my bed to four snorting, sniffing, scratching dogs. The very idea grosses me out. 
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