Bipolar Christianity - Oxymoron?

A bipolar Christian tries to find her way.

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Gift Cards & Therapy
At the therapist again, waiting for Jamie. Tried to pay my $20 co-pay before my session and the gift card I got for Christmas got declined. It was supposed to be $75 and the only time I've used it was at a drug store last week and it went through fine. I hate these things anyway and I was reluctant to use it in the first place - this is why. Today's session is going to have to be all about the situation I've put myself in with M & M.

Tomorrow I have permission to use the truck to go to Columbus... Dad said I could anyway. Mom didn't comment so I'm taking that as permission. Of course, the whole point of trying to get out of the house alone is to see Mark but after the password changing incident this morning, I don't know what I'm going to end up doing.


The card was for $25 and I'd already spent just over $5. So I had like $19.50... fifty cents short. Good grief. Mom wrote a check for the co-pay. Again I say - I hate those stupid gift cards because you never seem to know what's on them... or how much is left,even if you knew the original amount.


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