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Art therapy

...Otherwise known as: A good excuse to have books, paper, pencils, watercolor tubes, and paintbrushes strewn all over your bed while you watch t.v. on your laptop.

I brought a ton of art supplies up to Mom's house with me when I came, even though I haven't touched any of it in ages, because I figured I'd be so bored I'd need *something* to do. For the first week I was a zombie... Then I reconnected with Mark. Then I got busted... so I'm now USING the art stuff. lol

In a pretty good mood today, all things considered. It's been several days since I've spoken with Mark - since the night he called the house at 10pm - and I'm surprisingly calm. I knew he'd eventually contact me and I was right - I got an email from him today:

Subject: I am truly sorry . . .

...for all of the pain and suffering I may have caused you.
Please accept my apology and try to remember the good times...
I will.
Be healthy, be safe and be happy.

It's sweet and it will most likely be the last time I ever hear from him. I'm tempted to go into the fact that I won't hear from him for the same reason he started this shit to begin with... he thought he'd found someone else... but whatever. I'm trying not to trigger *myself* with the very things he'd trigger me with. I feel like he knew he shouldn't contact me ... my mother *did* threaten physical harm,after all... but whatever. Just this morning I'd mentioned to her that I'd considered writing him a "Goodbye" letter for closure but that I knew I needed to do it in my blog because contacting him is simply not an option for me. About two hours later, he wrote ME. lol Whatever... life is fucked up sometimes and you just have to learn to roll with it.

So... my scribblings and paintings are making me happy today even though I'm not doing anything overly impressive.  Okay, most of it has been decidedly unimpressive and it's clear that it's use it or lose it where art is concerned ... for me, anyway. But I'm pretty happy with my little parrot head so I'll post that. I had to take a photo of it so it's pretty blurry... The first one is me doing almost nothing but contrast in Photoshop to get it visible... Played with the second one a little more and kinda like it.



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